Welcome to the National Peace Foundation (NPF)

We are an organization committed to solving problems and preventing conflict through community building and citizen empowerment. We work where the institutions of civil society (such as health, justice, education, safety) have failed or are no longer effective, and empower local citizens to improve their situation and reduce conflict.

Drawing on a legacy of work that stretches back over thirty years, today our projects produce tangible results around the world by supporting grassroots efforts that provide access to networks of experts, related citizen groups in other countries, and the technical tools needed to establish, operate and sustain citizen-led initiatives. We believe that in the face of overwhelming adversity, citizens can rise to the challenge to build healthier, safer, and more stable communities.

NPF programs around the world empower local citizens to take action in their communities.
They come to us with a problem, we help lead them to a solution.

Extraordinary Challenges Need Extraordinary Programs

  • A look at our recent work shows the importance of grassroots citizens efforts in creating a better world.
  • In the Republic of Georgia, NPF established a direct relationship between Georgian attorneys and their U.S. colleagues. To promote the rule of law, they are now working together to perfect a Georgian bar association and establish new jury selection procedures.
  • To protect citizen health in Moldova, NPF brought together national and regional medical authorities with rural clinicians and introduced them to a large network of leading U.S. and other experts on the treatment of hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV.
  • To promote a healthy and safe society in Russia, where drug addicts have limited opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into society, NPF helps local organizers train hundreds of treatment staff and build new treatment facilities. This citizen-led program successfully reduces the burden of drug addiction and the crime it brings.
  • To enhance understanding and perspective, NPF assembled numerous religious and cultural leaders from countries in the Middle East and United States and established sustained dialogues about the role of religion in both societies. These programs broaden mutual understanding, reduce suspicions, and encourage cooperation.
  • To help spread understanding and perspective, NPF’s Eyewitness Programs in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank give citizen peacebuilders a personal, first-hand experience with the realities of conflict, and the value of citizen diplomacy.
  • To protect global health, NPF’s Health Diplomacy Programs have brought leading international health policy experts together to help reduce the risk of global infectious disease and enhance health system performance.


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